Exam Cancellation NTA To Supreme Court, Says There Is No Systemic Failure In NEET-UG 24, Isolated Cases Of Paper Leak & Unfair Means

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Exam Cancellation NTA

Exam Cancellation NTA:

A saffidavit contesting the arguments for the cancellation of the NEET-UG 2024 exam was submitted in the Supreme Court by the National Testing Agency (NTA), similarly to the Union Government.

According to the NTA, the alleged malpractices are limited to two cities, Patna and Godhra, and are isolated incidents. Considering this, it is argued that canceling the entire exam would be “highly detrimental to the larger public interest” of the thousands of students who took it.

The testing agency has notably stated that neither the “sanctity” of the exam nor the “undue benefit” to the students who took their exams in these centers have been affected by the alleged malpractices. It claimed that the NEET-UG 2024, which was taken by 23 lakh students at 4750 centers in 571 cities, had not experienced “systemic failure” and that neither individual instances of unfair practices nor paper leaks had tainted the exam as a whole.

“The student performance chart at the aforementioned centers shows that the kids’ performance there is neither exceptionally high nor noticeably lower than the national average of the performance of the remaining centers across the nation. The affidavit further stated that the data so compiled further demonstrates that the students from the concerned center have not received such grades that would qualify or entitle them for admission to the medical colleges of key importance.

Exam Cancellation NTA
Exam Cancellation NTA

Providing further details on the course of action, it has been proposed that the Patna center’s strategy involved smuggling one copy of the exam papers. Through its ability to solve problems and teach applicants through solutions, it is believed that this copy was utilized to enable malpractices. It has also been noted that there seem to be “minuscule” numbers of these candidates who have supposedly benefited.

Yet, given the information that has come to light thus far in the case, it is respectfully submitted that the purported incident or attempt at leak does not appear to have any bearing on the way the entire exam was conducted, given the small number of students or candidates that the investigating agencies discovered to be involved in relation to the total number of candidates who appeared. It would be extremely unproductive and detrimental to the greater public interest, particularly to the professional aspirations of the eligible applicants, to cancel the entire exam on the grounds of the previously mentioned aspect.”

About the malpractice at the Godhra facility, it has been stated that Mr. Tushar Bhatt, a Deputy Superintendent of Examination, appears to have organized it. He was alleged to have plotted with a few students to assist them in filling out their OMR sheets following the exam. However, the agency claims that the accused was promptly taken into custody after the officials dealt with this matter beforehand.

Exam Cancellation NTA:
Exam Cancellation NTA
Exam Cancellation NTA

“The CBI, the top investigative body at the federal level, has been tasked with taking over the investigation into this incident, which was initially handled by the local police, just like in the Godhra case. The affidavit further stated, “A few arrests also seem to have already been made, and some of the identified students who were supposed to benefit from the malpractice have also been arrested alongside the masterminds of the offence.”

The current exam is argued not to have experienced “systematic failure” by highlighting the measures thewith appropriate confidentially, and free from any illegal tactics. agency took to guarantee that it was conducted fairly, 

Furthermore, it is submitted that in the final week of March 2024, the Director General (NTA) sent DO Letters to the Chief Secretaries and DGPs of all States and UTs, as well as to the DMs, DCs, and Police Commissioners/SPs, asking for their advice and assistance with any special security procedures or measures that must be followed to maintain the integrity of the examination process and ensure legal compliance.”

The statement said, “Aadhaar authentication was used at the exam centers to verify candidates in order to prevent malpractices like impersonation, given the sensitivity of high-stakes exams like NEET (UG) – 2024.”

Aside from this, NTA also stated that the allegations of malpractices have already been investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), and only then can a definitive conclusion regarding any systematic failure be made.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is now conducting an investigation into allegations of misconduct in NEET (UG) – 2024, as part of the Union of India’s different measures. It is said that only after a thorough analysis of all pertinent factors—which are detailed below—can a definitive determination be made on the existence or absence of systematic failure. It is argued that it would be extremely harmful to the greater public interest regarding the academic careers of thousands of students who took the exam and did nothing wrong if the entire examination procedure was terminated without any concrete reasons to support such actions.

The National Transportation Authority (NTA) announced that it has suppressed the academic records of the students who engaged in misconduct and has sent them show-cause letters threatening deportation.

In addition, the affidavit draws weight from the Sachin Kumar & Ors Vs. DSSSB &Ors, (2021) 4 SCC 631 case, in which the Supreme Court noted that people who are found not guilty of any crime should not be penalized for the actions of those who are. According to the Court, by keeping the guilty individuals apart, the process of selecting the untarnished candidates can be allowed to go to its reasonable end.

In the matter of Vanshika Yadav v. UOI, NTA has filed an affidavit. In the plea, it was requested that the NEET UG tests be retaken in light of the alleged exam malpractices and paper leak.

Even after receiving notice of the plea and posting the case in July, the bench chaired by Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud declared that the results of the tests conducted across the country could not be overturned.

In an additional move against the NEET-UG 2024 exam cancellation, the Union Government submitted an affidavit with the Supreme Court earlier today. They said that without evidence of a significant breach of confidentially, it would not be reasonable to end the exam altogether.

Before the Supreme Court hearing on July 8, the Union Ministry of Education filed an affidavit stating that “scrapping the exam in its entirety would seriously jeopardize the lakhs of honest candidates who attempted the question paper in 2024.”


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